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Open Thread, Over/Under: Josh Bard

Let's do another one. It's all Josh Bard behind the wheel now. Piazza's long gone so nobody else is driving. Ain't nobody else out there gonna be dropping the kids off at school. Ain't no school bus for days. That being said, what do you foresee for this guy? Pull out your crystal balls. Give them a rub. See what's to be seen. Again the projections are from Baseball Prospectus as I forgot the magazine I was planning on using at home.

Josh Bard
Ave: .270
OPS: .756
HR: 7
SB: 1
RBI: 38
R: 36
K: 43

I mean, I don't want to jinx the guy, but Prospectus frankly doesn't predict a lot of plate appearances by our man Bard, which may skew his numbers. Therefore my picks will be...

under .270
under .756
over 7
under 1
over 38
over 36
over 43

And that's almost entirely based on my overall prediction that he'll get a significantly high number of plate appearances than what Prospectus predicts. I also think his overall production will take a slight step back, but he's gotta be putting up better numbers than that. I mean, 7 homers!? Come on. He's gotta be double digits at least. If you want some more info before you make your picks, check out Beyond the Box Score's catcher forecast.

How about if we say that the winner of this particular over/under game gets a foam baseball sprinkled in holy water from Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala.