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I like you, but apparently I don't like-you-like-you

For those of you who don't know, I actually relocated to Charlotte recently, leaving my home of 30 years in an effort to chase the dream of working in sports. Well, here I am, working in sports and what not. It's fun, but man am I busy. We have a TV set to ESPN constantly. I'm reading like 18 different blogs at the same time. I keep having to explain to high powered executives that "bloggers are people too"! It sounds like fun, and some days it is, but there's a steady stream of constant work.

All of which means that I'm looking forward to getting back to San Diego tonight if only for a few days to take a quick breather. When I return to Charlotte on Monday, it'll be back to the grind until eventually somebody hires me on to be CEO or CIO or COO of their team/firm/ballclub/internet porn venture. And when that happens? I'm totally blowing this joint.

No, I'm just kidding. Love you guys. Or at least I like you a lot. How much do I love-like you? Let me count the bullets...

  1. The Ducksnorts Baseball Annual is available! Man, that's exciting. I'm looking forward to checking that sucker out. Someday, I gotta write a book. That has to be one of the most immensely satisfying experiences ever. This year's NaNoWriMO, I'm totally going to write my epic baseball science fiction romance novel.

  2. I don't have internet or cable tv in the place I just moved into, so late at night, when I'm sitting in the empty house with no furniture, I've been passing the time by reading quietly in the corner. What do I read? Well, I've been reading Fantasyland by Sam Walker. Have you read this yet? If you've ever played fantasy baseball or shook your head in pity at your apparently insane fantasy baseball playing friends, then you should read this book. I'll put together a proper bookclub/review once I'm done, but I highly recommend checking it out.

  3. Just to complete the baseball book trifecta, the next baseball book I plan on checking out is The Baseball Economist. Three things that fascinate all of us (and by "all of us" I mean "me"): Baseball, Money and the Mystical Lure of a Beautiful Woman. As far as The Baseball Economist goes, it apparently covers two of those things making it very close to being the perfect book for "all of us".

  4. Given those three criteria, then this may be the perfect news item of the week: Alyssa Milano is pimping a new clothing line for MLB. There it is. The perfect news item.
So there's how much love-like I got in me for yall. Four bullet points worth. Three of them about nerdy books. Lots of nerd love in the hizz.