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Yesterday's "Bean Ball Incident" was caused by a broken finger nail

North County Times:

"The thing is, I was throwing strikes," said Brocail, who said he tore the top of the nail on his index finger pulling up his socks before the game. "I couldn't throw a breaking ball, and was trying to survive on two pitches (fastball and splitter).

First, Doug "Broken Heart" Brocail's heart explodes and now he loses a finger nail.  Some guys have all the luck.

The problem wasn't necessarily that Brocail hit Holliday. But combined with Brocail's drilling of Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki in the wrist on Saturday in Peoria, it made for some bad blood.

"Someone from the Rockies dugout ---- I don't know who ---- yelled, 'If you can't throw strikes, get off the mound,' " Brocail said. "Holliday was smacking my hard stuff away, so I tried to climb the ladder.

I'm glad it happened, as Dex mentioned before the Colorado vs. San Diego rivalry needs some ill will.

Here's Rox Girl's take on it from over at Purple Row.

While all of this was happening Colorado was adopting John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" as their State Anthem. Coincidence?