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Bud Black good at breaking bad news

Buster Olney:

But players told of reassignments in the Padres' camp are leaving the office of new manager Bud Black all pumped up, GM Kevin Towers said. "Just incredible," Towers said over the phone Sunday.

The reason, Towers believes, is because of the remarkable manner in which Black communicates with his players, the thought he puts into what he will say to each, the way he has treated the players in camp, the way he has made them feel like they are a special part of the organization. Black's style is part Knute Rockne, part Dr. Phil, part "Rocky" theme music.

Here's an idea for between inning entertainment on the jumbotron.  You have Bud Black break up with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend for you.  He'd break up with them really gently, maybe give them a hug and then send them on their way.  Fans would love this, I'm telling you.

"Hi I'm Bud Black, there's really no easy way to say this... your boyfriend wants to break up with you.  He ran off to get some nachos and left me to break the news to you.  He thought I should do it in person and that the ballpark was a good neutral zone for the both of you, since you are both fans."