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Brent Carter on being a minor leaguer

Padres LHP prospect Brent Carter has an interview up on the Baseball Economist. A couple of fast facts about our man Brent.

  • Moneyball is one of his favorite books.

  • Carter loves the minor league baseball life, but fails to mention anything about groupies being a factor.

  • Carter also knows what lefties hit against him. Even better, he knows that he has to improve on that.
One other thing that jumped out at me... When asked if he gets much stat driven advice, Carter responded:
BC: We don't get too much stat-driven advice. The main thing they try to get across to pitchers is force contact in 3 pitches or less. They want strike throwers. My personal goal is innings.
Something comforting about that. Just to know that the stat analysis is translating well to the coaching. Forcing contact is apparently going to be a big theme with the organization. Also, forcing contact will lead to more innings from the starters, which should fit into just about everybody's goals. Just gives me a nice feeling is all. Love it when a plan comes together.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview! Solid stuff.