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No mo' Ho

The Ho is likely moving on.

"With David Wells here, we were looking at (Park) as a sixth starter/long reliever," Towers said. "He looking at an opportunity to start somewhere."
I was really down with getting The Ho back. I guess there's no denying that he wouldn't really have a spot, but still... That guy was shaw scope dirty for us. Plus there's also no denying that he was a superstar in the Gaslamp Ball offices.
Park is a Type B free agent, meaning the Padres will receive an extra draft pick before the second round as compensation for losing him, once he signs with another team. Park, 33, was 7-7 with a 4.81 ERA last year, a season curtailed by a blood disorder.
You know what's weird about that blood disorder thing is that's exactly what happens in the Dirty Ho movie. That's why Dirty Ho's wearing the patch on his head. It's because of some poisoned blood or something.

Life imitates kung-fu movies? Eerie.