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Best Baseball Moustaches

Every now and then, when I'm feeling especially manly, I try to grow me a moustache. It always turns out a little bit smarmy and thin and it doesn't ever connect in the middle. Nine times out of ten, I'll end up with one or two red hairs mixed in with the black. Since it's such a weak moustache, the red hairs always stand out and look really awkward. I usually end up looking like the rat faced bad guy in an old kung-fu movie.

I digress.

Gaslamp Baller RBS sends us a great article detailing the top 10 baseball moustaches. No Bochy, but an interesting read (even if they don't get enough pictures in there). Somewhere in the back of my mind, I hope that I too can actually finish puberty and be able to sport a moustache like the men in the list. For now, I have to settle for shaving with wet naps.