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The Giles brothers are not afraid to do extremely inappropriate things

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USA Today has a terrific article on the Giles Brothers, thereby solidifying the Padres clubhouse as the most insane clubhouse in the major leagues. Bar none. Don't even try. Your clubhouse doesn't come close.

"You get nervous when you see those guys come into the shower," says [Chris] Young, a Princeton graduate. "Let's put it this way: You definitely don't close your eyes in there, even when you're shampooing."
I actually heard recently that Brian Giles will shave his balls over the trashcan in plain view of anybody glancing his way. Teabagging is not an uncommon practice.

I fear for the rest of our players...
"That's a sick boy, right there," Padres center fielder Mike Cameron says, shaking his head. "The stuff he does around here, you can't even get in your newspaper. And now there's two of them."
I'd like to be a fly on the wall in that clubhouse for a day. Nothing bigger than a fly or else the Giles brothers would try to take advantage of you sexually.