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Lasorda's name shows up in Madam's "trick book"

L.A. madam's 'trick book' is unsealed

A review of the court file shows that Gibson listed actor Bruce Willis; former Dodgers Manager Tom Lasorda; Steve Jones, the Sex Pistols guitarist and KDLE-FM (103.1) radio jock; and the late film producer Don Simpson, among others.

Willis and Lasorda said through their lawyers that they never used Gibson's service and had no idea why their names appeared in her records. They accused Gibson of exploiting their fame to boost her book sales.

"I have never heard of this woman and don't know why she would accuse me of something like this," Lasorda said in a statement issued by his attorney, Tony Capozzola. "But if she prints these lies, I intend to sue."

Here's the thing:  We've all done it!  It's nothing to be ashamed of.  Everybody gets lonely from time to time.  When that time comes you can only be comforted by a highly paid professional.  This much we know is true!  So Tommy let's not hide from the harsh realities of being wealthy and lonely.  Any one of us would have done the same thing.  

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Update [2007-2-28 13:1:53 by jbox]:
Sports By Brooks has an excerpt of the book.

Update [2007-3-3 17:13:15 by jbox]:
David Spade :