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Marcus being hazed and getting a little payback

Hard-charging Giles brothers reunited on hometown Padres

In 1990, Marcus, then 12, was the bat boy when Brian was playing in Watertown, N.Y. He got a little rougher indoctrination than bat boys usually do.

"They sent me to that clubhouse, to the umpire's room, to this clubhouse, to the equipment room looking for the box of curveballs, the key to the batter's box, the left-handed fungo or something like that," Marcus said.

Of course, none of those things exist.

"I must have run around for 45 minutes, and I'm sitting there thinking I've got to do something to help out the team, and I'm really panicking bad. They finally let me in on it," he said.

"The best thing after that game, he drank a whole 12-pack," Brian deadpanned. "I was proud of him."

Poor little Marcus Giles...

"The first one he slides in so late, so hard, elbow up," Marcus said. "Then the fifth picture into the sixth one you can fully see my quad denting in and his elbow right in the middle of it."

Brian was hoping to make his brother throw the ball into the dugout.

"I flip him and I'm like, 'There's no way he turned it.' I get up and I look and he goes, 'That's two, bitch!' and he ran off the field."

It was getaway day, and the brothers hooked up after the game.

"I'm limping and he goes, 'What happened?' I said, 'You know what happened. You're the one who elbowed me in the quad, jerk!"' Marcus said.

"That's two, bitch!"  

Closer Trevor Hoffman describes Brian Giles' sense of humor as "unrated," in part because Giles is a clothing-optional kind of guy.

Brian Giles reminds me of Party Boy from Jackass.