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Padres need drama

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I know it's been months since I contributed to this blog, but I just remembered why.  The Padres don't inspire me.  There's no excitement, no passion, no drama.  

According to Scott Miller over at CBS Sportsline, drama doesn't hurt, it helps

When Barry Bonds wrapped his hands around Jeff Kent's throat in the middle of that game in 2002 and was pulled away before he made like a crumpled Pepsi can with Kent, do you recall which team went on to win the National League and play in the World Series that fall?

Yep, the San Francisco Fightin' Giants.

When Steve Garvey and Don Sutton went at it in 1978, leaving Garvey with a black eye and Sutton with a bruised cheek, remember who represented the NL in the World Series that October?

Yep, the Los Angeles Dukin' Dodgers.

So this begs the question of who on the Padres is ready to throw down for the benefit of the team, AND the fans for another NL pennant?  Here's my list of match-ups that I'd pay money to see...

Cruiserweight division (El Cajon style):
Brian "Broadway" Giles  vs  Marcus "Jamacha" Giles

Heavyweight division:
Adrian "La Posta" Gonzalez  vs  Paul "Chunk" McAnulty    

Special match to the death:
Greg "The Professor" Maddux  vs  David "Fat Man" Wells