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Walker Arbitration, Greene's injuries

As you probably saw before DePo is heading up Todd Walker's arbitration.  Dex and DePo were talking about it last week and they were discussing how things can get awkward.  You have to argue why a player isn't worth the money he is asking for in front of him, even though you know he's going to end up on the team.  Walker's solution to this is that he's going to try and stay detached.  

Unless an agreement is reached, the case would go to arbitration today and the Padres and Walker's legal team would argue why Walker's should get either $2.75 million or $3.95 million. Walker would attend, and although he has heard such hearings can be "nasty," he vowed to remain detached.

Khalil's fingers still worry me.  The fact that there is still "a sense of soreness" in his middle finger doesn't make me too optimistic about his season.  Apparently KT is thinking the same thing:

One reason the Padres signed utilityman Oscar Robles is because he could play shortstop if Greene gets hurt, General Manager Kevin Towers said.

Is it strange that a guy like Khalil who plays in front of 30-40,000 people every night gets jittery at his wedding when people are looking at him?  I say yes.

Like many grooms, Khalil Greene was jittery as all eyes trained on him. "It's the being the focus of attention," said Greene

Who will win the arbitration case? Will Khalil stay healthy this year? You tell ol' Gaslamp Ball.