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Khalil Greene married!?!

Pads Notes

I'm surprised his finger didn't break when she placed that ring on his hand.

Khalil Greene strolled into the clubhouse on Monday, a silver wedding ring gracing the left hand that is a lingering concern for the San Diego Padres and their fans.

Having made the former Candice Cole his bride on Nov. 18 in the Lone Star State

A shortstop shall not know anger. Nor hatred. Nor Love.

His new manager, Bud Black, came by to say hello, as did teammates congratulating him on his marriage. Greene admitted to nerves before the ceremony in his wife's home state, but he has settled in comfortably as a married man, he said through a grin.

Nerves?  Grin?  Robots don't have nerves.  Vulcans don't grin!  Robot Vulcans do neither!  Maybe he got a firmware update in the offseason, or found an emotion chip like that android Data from Star Trek: TNG.  Or maybe he's an imposter!  Maybe he's an evil, loving, tender, compassionate twin!  Does he have a goatee?  Did ANYONE check to see if he had a goatee!??

Clay Hensley felt he made progress with his changeup after some tips from Greg Maddux, who had Peavy reeling with a comment about "Kelly" Greene's fair skin making him vulnerable to the sun. "Who?" Peavy replied, before realizing Maddux was referring Greene. ...

Now he's an Irish Vampire?  I can't keep all of this straight.

Thanks to PeavyforPrez08 and Emcee for pointing this out.