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Open Thread: The Aftermath of Paul DePodesta

Well, we've all read the interview. Could've been better. Could've been worse. Either way, I think we got a good amount of information out of DePodesta. Jbox and I appreciate all of the kind words, but let's take a closer look at what DePo has said. Ducksnorts has touched on some points already here and here.

For my money, I wish he could've been more frank about our weaknesses, unless he really thinks that the Padres don't have any. I can't help but think that Marcus Giles and Terrmel Sledge are question marks. Also, we're relying on a lot of guys to continue to do things that they don't have track records of doing. Bard had a fantastic year for us. Crushin' Russian over at third should continue to excel. Khalil should have had all of his fingers and toes completely healed and ready to go. A-Go should be solid, but again, he's another guy that still has something to prove. It makes for a potentially exciting season, but it's also tough to be comfortable.

On the flip side, I think we all agree that our bullpen seems crazy deep and that our rotation looks like a fun time as well. I'm really looking forward to the NL West matchups. Randy Johnson vs David Wells. Barry Zito vs Jake Peavy. Jason Schmidt vs Chris Young. It will be impossible to watch a series among NL West rivals this season without getting to see at least one game with a future hall of famer.

Forgot to ask about a few things like the Padres presence in the Dominican (which feels like a johnny come lately situation to me) and their work in India (which seems really cutting edge and future thinking to me). We'll have to be more hard hitting next time.

Anything jump out to you in particular?