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Lunch with DePodesta... OH SNAP! WHAT!?

We finally got an interview to make the Gaslamp Ballers proud.

...wait for it... (just in case the photo hasn't given it away)

Paul DePodesta! The protagonist of the spectacular science fiction novel, Moneyball by Billy Beane. Former GM with the Dodgers. Current Assistant to the Regional Manager of the San Diego Padres.

No, actually it's Special Assistant for Baseball Operations, right? Right? What the heck is his title? Have we even figured out what we're doing with an extra GM in the front office? Really? Don't we have like 17 GMs over at 100 Park Blvd already?

Fortunately for us... That was our first question! "So, Paul. First question. What do you do, exactly? Dumb it down for me and jbox. We're on the slow end of the upswing over here."

The Gaslamp Ball typing monkeys are furiously working at transcribing the recordings of our interview, which will likely be distributed to you in epic chapters. As a teaser, here's what the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder didn't capture!

  • Running into ex-Pad Squad Steph while we waited
    Steph: Hey! What're you guys doing here?
    Us: We have an interview with DePodesta for Gaslamp Ball.
    Steph: No seriously. What're you guys doing here?
    Us: Seriously, that's it.
    Steph: Huh. Imagine that.
  • Our first encounter with DePo
    Us: We were worried we weren't going to recognize you.
    Paul: I had considered wearing my Jayson Werth jersey so you'd know it was me.
    Us: *nervous laughter*
  • What's DePo doing before heading out to Spring Training?
    Painting his kid's room and working on the Todd Walker arbitration case. See that ladies? Young, handsome and powerful, but with a gentle, craftsman quality as well.
  • And as a teaser for what the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder did capture... Here's what you'll learn!
  • How the Padres use Secret Weapon Paul DePodesta!
  • What DePodesta considers the Padres "high-class" problem!
  • What seafood plate DePodesta orders when he hits the Tin Fish (I'll give you a hint... It's the shrimp plate)!
  • Why DePodesta takes miniature golf so seriously!

So, tune in tomorrow, when the Gaslamp Ball typing monkeys will have the first installment of Lunch with DePodesta!

Type, monkeys! Type like the wind!

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