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Gaslamp Ball Pizza Feed II Minutes

Gaslamp Ball Pizza Feed
Woodstock's College Area
February 10, 2007
5:00 PM

Gaslamp Ballers:
Bloggers present: Dex and jbox
Absent: Kev
Quorum present? Yes
[Minutes from previous pizza feed]

Others present:
Regular readers: Jonny Dub, TheRevRun, Baseball Gal, Section231Row1, fairweather, ABY
Friends and family: Jess, Sheona (sbeck), Mrs. fairweather, fairweather jr., Alex., Dar, Missi, Jer Dawg

Tables scoped out and first three pizzas ordered at 5:03 by jbox. Sausage, pepperoni and cheese, please.

Dex arrives at 5:08 by Dex. Dex arrives with Jess and Dar to see that everybody is milling about the tables. Much better mingling this time around as compared to last pizza feed.

Introductions at 5:09 by all. Somehow, everybody has already been introduced.

General chatting and pizza eating at 5:20 by all. Among the topics of discussion:
-How Christina (aka Section231Row1) became a Padres fan after being a Dodgers fan.
-Fairweather Junior's cuteness and resemblance to the milk man.
-Alex's Uncle Barry autographed baseball, which happens to also have a fake Albert Pujols autograph on it thereby creating an oddity of memorabilia.
-Dex and Jess's impending move to North Carolina and implications thereof.
-Baseball related things to see in the surrounding area.
-ABY and her adoption of the Padres after being born and raised in the UK.
-The Pro Bowl and why Nate Kaeding can win one in a meaningless game, but has missed two last minute field goals in games with playoff implications.
-Discuss rumors of Uncle Barry Zito dating Hilary Duff

Swedish is spoken at 5:43 by Alex with Baseball Gal. Somehow, out of nowhere, Alex begins speaking in perfectly fluent Swedish to TheRevRun's Swedish wife, Baseball Gal. Cries of "WTF?" ring out among those present. It is later revealed that Alex has Swedish roots and takes language classes. Nevertheless, the moment is noted as a newly identified Gaslamp Ball Miracle.

Presentation of Offseason Award at 6:23 by ABY to Alex. ABY addresses the group briefly before presenting Alex with the Gaslamp Ball Offseason Excellence Award for his efforts in securing exclusive information regarding Barry Zito and his free agency.

General moping at 6:24 by Dex and jbox. We swore the award was going to us. Alex woos the resident Swedish female Gaslamp Baller and he scores the offseason excellence award? Sakes alive.

Assessment of the meeting
-Good times had by all

Meeting is ajourned at around 8:35 PM. Minutes submitted by Dex