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Will Milton Bradley be a distraction? Probably. Do we care? No.

I haven't been keeping up with all the Winter Meeting's trades and gossip but heard on the radio that the Pads have offered Milton Bradley a one year deal for approximately $4 million.  Sandy says that they are expecting Milton to be ready at the beginning of the season.  A physical is pending.

Mighty XX:  Sandy Alderson Interview

"Philly Billy" Werndl and Darren Smith think that Bradley is too much of a distraction.  You know what else is a distraction?  A team that can't hit.  They also think that he isn't a good role model for the children.  You know who else is a bad role model for children?  A line up full of guys that can't hit.  Actually I made that part up, they don't care about the children like I do.  Bradley can rake and if he's going to have a temper tantrum every once in awhile so be it.

There is also a worry that Bradley can't stay healthy, but Sandy said that there are incentives for him to stay healthy and they are going to roll the dice.

Darren and Philly Billy asked Sandy about Bradley being a distraction about 20 different ways.  Sandy is like "haven't I answered this question already?"

An interesting part of the interview was when Sandy was talking about how the players in the clubhouse do like Milton because he showed up for Brian Giles' wedding in Maui.  Sandy stutters and stumbles, deciding how to describe the Brian Giles wedding that our sources have told us didn't happen.

Oh and Cameron's return hinges on Fukudome. Fukudome was extended one of the biggest offers in Padres history.  Now they play the waiting game.