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Speakin' of Dick...

Apparently future Hall of Famer and former Padres Manager Dick Williams was caught... uh, taking batting practice out of uniform.

Sports By Brooks:

BUZZLE fondly remembers Williams found fondling himself furiously in Ft. Myers. Police were called to the hotel after many guests reported the retired skipper walking around naked and masturbating outside in public - instead of doing it in the decency of his own room.

Williams was in town attending a Fantasy Baseball camp. Apparently, Dick took the 'fantasy' concept a little too far.

Florida is really good at ruining our childhood heroes by catching them masturbating. First Pee Wee Herman and now Dick Williams.

Gaslamp Ball doesn't see the harm in this and feels that it's Williams' First Amendment right to fondle yourself furiously.

Do you blame Williams? I kind of think that when you reach 70 you don't know what's happening or where you are, either that or you don't care.