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Padres Mii Competition

Whip out your Wii, it's time to get busy!

No!  Put that away, I meant your Nintendo Wii.  It's time to have a friendly competition.  You create a Mii of a Padres player and let's see if we can get the entire roster or at least the popular players.  

Bonus points to anyone who creates a Mii for Pad Squadders. I can tell you, that Jon is probably doing Pad Squad Andre right now! Making a Mii, I mean.

You can email us the picture or post them in the comments section.  Dex and I will decide who the winner is of the best Mii. Here's the thing though, don't tell us who it is, because if we can't figure it out on our own then you suck at making Miis and you're not going to win anyway.

The competition ends January 8th.