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Injury Update

SI: Trevor Hoffman recovering from bruised ego:

Trevor explains how strangers and friends alike encouraged him and warmed his heart, by giving him support and unconditional love. You may have to skip the first page of the article if you are still sensitive to reading very detailed articles about the Padres collapse at the hands of a young Tony the Gwynn Jr.

"See, being in San Diego all these years and being a professional ballplayer, I've always been the one to get out there and encourage people to work hard and stay positive. And now for that to come back to me.... It was heartwarming. It blew me away."
North County Times: Clay Hensley is still a little achy

Hensley still believes that he can make it back into the starting rotation and reclaim his birthright.

"I've met with the doctors who performed the surgery, and they said if I'm not ahead of schedule, then I'm right on schedule," said Hensley, who began feeling pain in his shoulder in September 2006. "I'm still a little achy, but I know that every day and every week, I'm doing (activities) to show it's getting better."
"I know I'm going to have to pitch to get my job back," Hensley said. "I won't be handed anything, but I had to pitch to get the job in the first place."

Padres: Giles Rehabbing Knee:

Giles has been spending every day at the ballpark and riding a bicycle quite a bit in his attempt to rehab his knee. I imagine Giles riding a tandem bicycle with streamers on the handle bars. Me? I'm on the backseat.

"It was more significant than we thought when they got in there with the scope," Giles said. "But it feels like it's progressing more and more every week. They have a progression sheet for how we're going about it. I feel like I'm a little ahead of pace."