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Did Bagwell plant a steroid seed that would flourish in San Diego?

I was just searching around the interwebs to see what other Padres people suspected of being steroid users.  As you know we had some quick tempered home run hitting meat heads on this team who had ferocious swings both in the batters box and in their moods.  How can you not suspect these guys?  Maybe they didn't need a trainer who would turn rat because they were so close to the border and could be a drug mule themselves.

I came across this article written in 2004 that suggests that Jeff Bagwell is the root of all steroid use in the Major Leagues.  In the article Bagwell teaches Caminiti and Finley about the powers of the juice and they bring the knowledge to SD where it blossoms into a beautiful steroid weed that spreads the use to everywhere else in the world.  The author suggests that everyone from Greg Vaughn ,to Joyner, to Tony the Gwynn himself became wrapped up in the shady world of steroids.

His update, this week, to the article makes it clear that this article was written as satire back in 2004 but now seems all too real.  Apparently the article has gotten quite a bit of exposure since the release of the Mitchell report.