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Let's start a book club

I've never really understood what the appeal of book clubs is. If you seriously have nothing to talk about with your friends, maybe you should find actual friends with common interests that don't have to be forced upon you by Oprah Winfrey.

That being said... LET'S START A BOOK CLUB!

Here are my three ideas...

  1. Traditional book club. We pick out a book. Get it. Read it. Talk about it and brag to our friends about how well read we are.

  2. Movie club. Same thing as before except with a movie. I recommend something that's easily netflixable.

  3. Blog club. This might be my favorite. We pick out another blog and we visit the heck out of it for a week. We comment to it. Write about it in the Diaries. Participate accordingly. And then after a week or so, poof we vanish! Or we stick around and Gaslamp Ball loses several readers, which would turn my favorite idea into the one that would be least "productive". One caveat... this wouldn't be a "troll" club. Whatever blog we hang out with, we have to be nice to. We're not in the bidness of being jerks. That's just a misunderstood sideproduct.
So which one do you want to do? Vote in the poll and sell it in the comments.