List of FA outfielders left, rank your top 5

heres who is left:
Left fielders
Barry Bonds (43) - Type A
Emil Brown (33)
Cliff Floyd (35)
Luis Gonzalez (40) - Type B
Willie Harris (30)
Geoff Jenkins (33)
Jason Lane (31)
Kevin Mench (30)
Reggie Sanders (40)
Shannon Stewart (34) - Type B
Brad Wilkerson (31)

Center fielders
Mike Cameron (35) - Type B
Willis Harris (30)
Jason Lane (31)
Kenny Lofton (41) - Type B
Corey Patterson (28)
Alexei Ramirez (26)

Right fielders
Emil Brown (33)
Shawn Green (35) - Type B
Geoff Jenkins (33)
Jason Lane (31)
Kevin Mench (30)
Trot Nixon (34)
Reggie Sanders (40)

top 5:

  1. Shannon Stewart.  He can hit in the high 200's, and while he doesn't have much speed anymore, and a horrid arm, he can provide a consistant bat, and can be a durable starter for cheap.
  2. Corey Patterson.  While he is a bust, if the Pads can get him or cheap he could possibly be a 7-8 hitter with speed that probably wouldn't hit over 250.  He had a good year 2 years ago, so maybe a new team could created another productive year.
  3. Emil Brown.  Solid major leaguer that could hit in the high 200's with 400-500 ABs.  I'm pretty sure the Padres have picked him up before (from the Pirates), so maybe KT likes him as a 4th outfielder.
  4. Trot Nixon.  Could be a little more expensive, and more prone to injury, but has a higher upside defensively and offensively than the 3 players listed above.
  5. Shawn Green, probably too expensive but can crush against righties.

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