The Mitchell List

Am I the only one around here that's really interested in how this is gonna go down tomorrow? Well, I know sdsuaztec4 is, since he posted a diary about this a few days ago but it didn't get much response since immediately after that was when we got all wrapped up in the Fukudome and Iguchi news. Anyway, I put together a roster of names I think will show up- limited to active players who names have not been released yet. I originally put it in the comments of sdsuaztec4's (misleadingly titled) diary, but it was buried by then so I thought I'd make everyone look at it after I put all that work into compiling it. Enjoy (or don't):

C. Paul LoDuca
1B. Nomar Garciaparra
2B. Jeff Kent
SS. Miguel Tejada
3B. Adrian Beltre
OF Jermaine Dye
OF Mike Cameron
OF Brian Giles
DH. Jose Vidro

SP. Matt Morris
SP. Kevin Millwood
SP. Adam Eaton
SP. Jon Lieber
SP. Aaron Sele

RP. Mike Stanton
RP. Jason Isringhausen
RP. Armando Benitez
RP. Eric Gagne
RP. Mike Timlin
RP. Brett Tomko
RP. Troy Percival
RP. Julian Tavarez

Bench: Kevin Millar, Edgar Renteria, Melvin Mora, J.D Drew, Luis Gonzalez, Shawn Green, Scott Spezio, Ryan Klesko

There were a lot of other guys that came to mind, but I tried to limit the list to just one roster, albeit a September one. Who else comes to mind?

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