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The Padres in a sweet spot and a few notes from Sandy Alderson

I've really enjoyed Friar Forecast so far and today, MB has a great post on the Padres currently being in a sweet spot for making or missing the playoffs. The post is in response to my response, which was admittedly somewhat jokey, but MB was somehow able to pull out my relevant points (something a lot of our regular readers don't really do).

MB applies some of Nate Silver's theories from Baseball Between the Numbers to the Padres and realizes that the Padres are in a magic spot where a few acquisitions could really boost the club's chances for the playoffs. At the same time, a few key losses could really hurt us.

While MB points out that we haven't really made any acquisitions that would completely offset our losses, I still feel pretty good about the direction in general. Sure, losing MB hurts, but we should find out any minute now if we get Fukodome, which I think would go a long way. I'm not concerned with second base and Barrett will be capable at catcher. Also, though I was relatively extremely indifferent to Randy Wolf, I'm warming up to the idea of our rotation being extremely strong one through four and I'm looking forward to Wolf's contributions.


Another person who likes Randy Wolf is Sandy Alderson. I got some notes from Gaslamp Baller bondsbeliever who was at the San Diego Hall of Champions for Bob Breitbard's Holiday Luncheon. Here are the bullets:

  • Sandy Alderson wasn't familiar with Brooks Conrad (gasp), but suggested that the Astros have been shopping Chris Burke to us. If we get Chris Burke, my irritation with the Astros/Padres relationship will know no bounds. Seriously, wtf.

  • The Padres are currently looking at Iguchi, Edmonds and Cameron. Of that group, I'd want Tadahito, Cameron and then Edmonds. Jim Edmonds is what... like 38? I know we were burned by giving up on an "aging" Steve Finley, but come on. Iguchi fills a need quite nicely and personally, I wouldn't mind Cameron back at all. (Neither would Sac Bunt)

  • Sandy Alderson is excited about Randy Wolf. If Sandy's excited, then fine... I'll be excited too.
Fukudome any minute now... Fu-ku-dome... Fu-ku-dome...