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So there I is... at BlogWorld Expo

Well, peeps, I'll tell you this much... My panel on Sports Blogging: A Struggle for Respect, was really awesome. There's almost no two ways about it. It was really, really awesome. Al, Jaime and I f_ckin' killed it. I realized too late though that I forgot that I have a little digital recorder on me and I should have been recording the sucker. DANG ME.

Some notes, from what I remember:

  • Jaime Mottram was dressed real nice. So was Will, but in more of a sassy alternative sort of way.

  • In the first session, I took Will and Deadspin to task for making fun of people too much. I think you'll find Deadspin will take a much quieter, more reserved, tone from here on out.

  • On the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, there was a "semi-pro" football player with a girl that he had met on the plane. They spoke very loudly and it was apparent that they just met. It was also very apparent that the girl was very much willing to model lingerie and do whatever it took to get this dude into a menage trois before the end of the weekend. Vegas indeed.

  • All the other baseball bloggers have been very nice to me, which is a relief.

  • It was fun to watch Rob Neyer get grief from Will Leitch and Jaime Mottram about working for ESPN. The dude that works for ESPN is getting ribbed for the company he keeps by sports bloggers. Weird.

  • Here's a photo of the session i'm sitting in right now:

    From left to right: Matt Cerrone, Adam morris, Tyler Bleszinski and Larry Borowsky. That computer on the left? That belongs to Al from Bleed Cubbie Blue. Al's older than me, but he also looks a little more dangerous, which is why I haven't mentioned anything about 1984.
More updates as the day goes on.