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Should I care that much about Greg Maddux's Gold Glove?

I've had the chance to chat with Geoff a bunch of times while at the Expo and one of the things I realized I hadn't written about at all is the Greg Maddux stuff. Make no mistake, the record setting Gold Glove is great, but to me, it won't be remembered as a "Padres" thing so much as a "Greg Maddux" thing. When Maddux goes into the Hall as a Brave (or a Cub), this extra Gold Glove will pad some other franchise's resume.

Geoff also makes the point that the Gold Glove is traditionally not given to the guy who plays the best defense, but rather the guy who won it the year before, which is how they elect officials in communist countries.

All in all, I'm pleased that he's back for another year, but I'll be more pleased when Jake gets his Cy Young.