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So here I am... at BlogWorld Expo

I'm in Vegas right now getting ready to sit in on some Sports Blogging sessions. Later this afternoon, I'll be moderating a panel called "Sports Blogging: A Struggle For Respect", which is somewhat ironic considering the amount of disrespect we receive from other blogs' readers, some Padres fans and even our own regulars (who we love anyway, I guess).

I'll be on the panel with Jaime Mottram and Al Yellon. My questions? Hard hitting. I won't hold back. I'll give you the update afterwards.

Tomorrow, I get to be in on a panel with Will Leitch, Matt Cerrone and Rob Neyer. I think Al and Blez will be on the panel also.

How did I end up on panels with these people even though you all think of me as "good old Dex who ain't too bright"? The correct answer is Charm. Charm, boyish good looks, and a dimple on my right cheek that people find f_ckin' irresistible.