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Doug "Brokenheart" Brocail gets physical

Turn your head and cough, Doug.  Is my hand cold?  You know how I could warm it up?  That's right by fondling a while longer here.

That's probably what's happening right now in Doug Brocail's physical.  That's what happens in every physical to my knowledge.

Brocail undergoes physical in quest to resign with Astros:

"Good, I guess," Brocail said this morning when asked how his physical was going.

He sounds very unsure of himself, but that comes with the territory when you have a Doctor touching your junk.

Brocail likely to depart Padres:

Before signing Brocail, the Padres determined he had been unusually unlucky and was due to rebound, which he did. Now the reverse could apply.

Update [2007-11-28 1:19:31 by jbox]:

Brocail returns to Astros for $2.5 million, 1-year deal