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What's this blog still doing here?

I thought if you ignored a blog it'd run away like those dogs on the Nintendogs video game.  Nintendogs is a fun game for the Nintendo DS and you have to feed, bathe, exercise and play with your dog a few times a day.  If you neglect them they get really dirty, get fleas and then run away.  I've never actually had any of the dogs runaway from me, but I believe they would.  

Part of me thought that I would come back to the Gaslamp Ball and I'd get a blank page error or a note saying that the blog went to find new owners who cared about it, like it deserves.  It's probably best I didn't find that note because I would have laughed and called its bluff.  Then the blog would end up in the hands of some stat nerd that really liked baseball instead of a couple guys that are indifferent.

Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving.  Did you eat turkey?  Yeah me too.  Did you watch football?  Yeah same here.  Did you hang out with Dex?  Just me?  Oh look at that.  Dex was back in SD for a bit, got to meet the new addition.

I've been thinking of an idea for Gaslamp Ball ever since the season ended, but it might be too late now.  I wanted to do a Dead Pool for the players on the Padres Roster at seasons end.  Now it wouldn't be a real Dead Pool, but somehow points would be awarded to people who picked those players that wouldn't be on the roster by Opening Day.  Big points would be awarded to so-called Untouchables like Peavy and Hoffman whereas free agents and suspended dudes would get low point payoffs.  The problem is I couldn't really figure out how it'd work in the 10 minutes of total thought I put into it.  That's where you come in.  Figure that out for us and get back to me and be quick about it.  I would have bet that Blum would be gone.  Have we lost another person too?  Yeah I probably would have voted for them too.  So let's just say I'm winning right now.

Anything else going on?  I heard a rumor that Brocail might be going to Houston from somebody, that deserves a little yawn.  The off season has been a bit slow so far, Mike Cameron getting suspended was fun for a few days but besides that I haven't been entertained in the way I feel I deserve.  

Anyway there's a blog post to just break the seal on the longest vacay in Gaslamp Ball history.