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Adrian Gonzalez's brother Edgar signed to a Minor League Deal

The Padres came to terms with four minor leaguers today.  One of them was Edgar Gonzalez, the older brother of one Adrian Gonzalez.  If you don't recognize his name like me, don't be ashamed.  Let me remind you that Adrian is our starting first basemen... for the Padres.  He's really quiet so I can totally understand why we forgot he's over there at the cold corner.  Those shy types don't stand out too much.

I'm guessing that if these two brothers have anything in common then there won't be any wacky hi jinx in the clubhouse like the days when the Giles' brothers flashed, fondled and freed the minds of the players. I've grown tired of the Giles' brothers routine of telling terrible jokes and mooning people - yawn - not funny. The Gonzalez boys will bring the excitment by being really respectful and mild mannered.