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New Padres Blog

Here's another new Padres blog called The Sacrifice Bunt.  It's authored by some Sign On San Diego forum guys who grew tired of disruptions on the forum.  They will bring us "Comprehensive statistical analysis and wit without humility".  Finally.  

One author had this to say about Gaslamp Ball:  

Am I the only one who thinks this blog is garbage?

Just an example of good open minded analysis and wit. The author is not alone, most people on in the Forum hate us, but he is the most vocal.

I think Clark Kent put it best in Superman II when he said "I've never seen garbage eat garbage before."  Actually that quote doesn't make any sense in this context but I've just been looking for an opportunity to use it.

I'm glad new Padres blogs are sprouting up all over.  Hope these guys can show us how it's done.