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Mad Max Beyond Fukudome

MLB Trade Rumors:

One National League exec has indicated to a source of mine that the Padres plan to go hard for Kosuke Fukudome.  Apparently, Kevin Towers nearly signed him out of high school as a shortstop.

I don't know anything about this Fukudome guy, but some of these comments are ridiculous.

No way the Padres pay anywhere close to $40 million dollars for Fukudome.  No offense to him but the Padres wouldn't spend that much money unless their was a ransom involved.  

Some other dude wants to trade Hensley for Barfield.  Really?  Why would we want Barfield back?  Plus Hensley and Barfield are both terrible baseball players, why are we even talking about them?

Then another dude is talking about Astros' infield players for some reason and doesn't like Brooks Conrad.  Well we here at Gaslamp Ball are big Brooks Conrad fans and think the Padres should sign him in the off season.

Update [2007-10-9 15:53:21 by jbox]:

Dan from the sent me this link so we can learn more about Fukudome. Their page has links, stats, youtube videos... the works. Still searching the page for shirtless pics, no luck yet.

Oh my! He's handsome!