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Giles and Brady Clark are both cut... in different ways


Brian Giles had surgery on that microfracture in his leg.  They say it was successful.  I wonder what they used to cut through his tanned leathery skin?  Probably some Taxidermy tools.

Brady Clark is going to be released.  I feel bad for the guy, because I think he did play well for a period of time.  When the pressure was on in Centerfield he blew it though.  Mike Cameron made some bad plays in the last couple of weeks of his season too.  

Also Thursday, the Padres claimed infielder Luis Rodriguez off waivers from the Minnesota Twins and requested waivers on outfielder Brady Clark for the purpose of giving him his unconditional release.

Some people are such big Mike Cameron fans, I'm really on the fence about him. Do we really want him back? He's fast, but is he fast enough? Not alot of stolen bases. His skills this year were not Gold Glove quality, not even close. He got hot here and there with the bat. I just don't know. I want to see who else is available that we'd have a chance to sign.