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Off Topic Randomness: NFL Blog Buzz on

I know that yall aren't necessarily football fans, but I thought I'd plug something that I've been working on these past few weeks... It is called the NFL Blog Buzz and it's a roundup of the most talked about stories on the best NFL blogs on the internet. If you read through the summaries, you may see a little of my own wit used with a certain amount of... I don't know what. A sample:

Norv Turner has taken what should have been an elite team and turned it into something soft and mushy and a little bit depressing to look at, like a day-old KFC Famous Bowl. His reward for such an accomplishment? Blogosphere-wide ridicule and a call for the head coach to be shown the door as quickly as possible.
In any case, tell your friends. If you love it, let NBCSports know and tell them that the writing is top notch. If you hate it, just keep it to yourself for a bit. If you notice a typo or something, let me know before somebody else finds it. We Gaslamp Ballers gotta watch each others' backs.