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Mike Cameron may use stimulants to counterract all the alcohol he been drinking

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Why would Cameron need a stimulant? Doesn't he seem like the type to have a reserve of energy? Well, maybe he needs stimulants because he plays baseball while on depressants. Namely... ALCOHOL!

This was sent to us from from an editor at Crown Publishing and is from the book Andy Roddick Beat Me With a Frying Pan:

It's not as common as greenies, but big leaguers have been known to step on the field liquored up. In his autobiography, pitcher David Wells said he was "half drunk" during his 1998 perfect game. It's one more trait that Wells has in common with his idol Babe Ruth, who, legend has it, was often bombed on the field. Other Yankees known for playing shit-faced are Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford, after whom the Betty Ford Clinic was named.

Almost every current major leaguer I spoke to knew of players who had stepped on the field under the influence. When asked what the signs were, the players typically responded the way Giant Ryan Klesko and Padre Jake Peavy did: "I just knew." Interestingly, another Padre, center fielder Mike Cameron, had a more intimate experience with game-day tipsiness:

"Shit, I've played drunk."


"New York City."

What were the circumstances?

"I went four for four with two jacks and eight ribbies. I'm not saying that's the only day I played drunk, but that was the best one."

Further evidence that vodka tonics may replace anabolic steroids as the new performance enhancer of choice.
WOAH! I mean, granted, other players obviously have admitted to playing while under the influence of the booze, but still.