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Mike Cameron tests positive for stimulant

Sports Illustrated:

"The one thing I wanted to make sure was explained is, no steroids," Cameron told AM 1090, the Padres' flagship radio station. "I never took nothing like that before in my life. That would be 50 games, and that would affect me a whole lot more."

Ok, we'll let's just test the supplement and see if that...

"After all of the analysis and testing, I can only conclude that a nutritional supplement I was taking was tainted," he said `Unfortunately, the actual supplement is gone, and therefore cannot be tested. Without the actual supplement in hand, the rules are clear, and I must accept the suspension.

So convenient Mike Cameron.  So convenient that you finished up that supplement full of stimulant.

It's amazing to me that professional athletes take supplements when they aren't sure what's in them.  Who taints a supplement anyway?  In the supplement factory was someone walking by the supplement vat carrying a big jar of stimulant and trip?

Maybe every team should have their own chemist who analyzes all supplements and proclaims them clean.  So this can't be used as an excuse anymore.

I didn't really want Mike Cameron back before this, but now I'm thinking we might be able to sign him for really cheap.  We could slip him a mickey and have him sign a bad contract, since we know he isn't aware of what's being put in his drink.