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News and Notes

  • Schilling is such a little drama queen.  Try this, think of something lame and chances are he's done it.  Whined like a little bitch after getting a no hitter broken up by a bunt?  Check.  Writing a blog?  Check.  Writing love letters to his teammates?  Check.  Lying about a fake bloody sock?  Check.  Nobody cares about you Schilling!  Nobody cares about the stupid Red Sox!  We only care about A-Rod opting out of his contract with the Yankees!
  • This story about Torre going to the Dodgers isn't very exciting.  I'm not one of those people that believes that a manager has a whole lot to do with the success of a team.  I've always thought that a manager can only hurt a team.  For instance take Bud Black who shoved Milton Bradley to the ground, pounced on him and tore his ACL with his teeth, that didn't help the team.  I hope the Dodgers do bring A-Rod to LA.  I've heard he's a great clubhouse guy and will really help the team's already spectacular chemistry.  Hell, bring over all the aging former Yankee stars, I'm still not scared.
  • Padres Mail Bag is in the house.  The long and short of it is that Corey Brock thinks that Geoff Blum will be back next season and that Will Venebal is still a year away from starting.  The last question asks who the Padres got in the Linebrink trade.  Now that is one lazy Padre fan.  Instead of just looking up the answer on the internet, he uses the internet to write Corey Brock and ask him.
  • Dasani Water is really tap water. So you're telling me all that free water that Pad Squad Andre was giving us was tap water?! I want my money back!