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  • Are the Red Sox the new Evil Empire?.  Are they evil?  Probably but we know for a fact that they are extremely annoying.  The way they think the rest of the country roots for them is just ignorant.  Plus, that accent is ridiculous.
  • Dodgers might play a game at the Coliseum next season for their 50th anniversary.  That would be awesome.  The dimensions of the field were all jacked up and who doesn't like baseball oddities?  I hope the Padres get to play them, I'll go up to watch that.  Hell I'll even get there early and stay until the end.  Now that I think about it they'll probably do it during a Giants series since they are so gay for each other and their tired rivalry.
  • This is one of the most genius pranks ever: A guy surveys some bars to see which kind of TVs they have.  Then he programs a universal remote for each one.  Later he comes and shuts off the TV as people are watching a big moment in the game.  Somebody should do this at a Boston or Red Sox bar and then tell everybody that they have ridiculous accents.
  • Deadspin's sexiest fan alive breakdown makes me laugh.
  • I was just watching this Jay-Z Video and like the fact that he's wearing a throwback Padres uni. I'm so glad we don't have celebrity Padres fans, but if we did have to have one who do you wish it could be? That's the question for today.