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Rockies got smoked, yo

I haven't done bullet points that aren't really bullet points in a while. It's time for a distraction. Let's load this mofo up, bitches!

  • I turned off the "game" after it was very very apparent that the Franchise didn't have his stuff and Beckett had all his stuff. I thought fleetingly before I drifted off to sleep that maybe the Rockies would perform some miracle, but that obviously wasnt' so. I can confidently say that the Padres could've done that. I was trying to listen to some of the fan reaction in Boston after the game, but couldn't get anything intelligible through their thick, and frankly, ridiculous accents. The Rockies reactions were no better through all the sobbing and wailing that heaven has forsaken them.

    Where's your God now, bitches!?

  • Update [2007-10-25 13:44:51 by Dex]: OK. I misread it. Jeez.

  • Does anybody else think that this horrible showing in game 1 is like fossils of dinosaurs? In other words, it's just God's way of testing the faith of the Rockies?

  • Here. I'll pretend to be Barry Bonds and you pretend to be anybody else in the world.

    You: Hi Barry. How's it go-


  • Hardball Times has some interesting analysis regarding the question, "Have pitchers become more fragile?" I don't know why the Hardball Times would care so much about the influx of Italian pitchers to the MLB, but they do.

    I will almost, but not quite, spell this joke out for you: Hmmmm.... Frah-GEE-lay! Must be Italian!
OK, all. Stay safe. Stuff is only stuff. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is most important.