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I'm psyched for the World Series. Not for any particular reason other than it's the World Series. We'll be able to watch and think about how annoying it is that Fox keeps panning to celebrities in the crowd that just happen to be appearing in various Fox productions. The announcers will suck. Dane Cook will make an appearance and we'll want to punch him in the choad. Manny Ramirez will act like a retard and Jonathan Papelbon will act like a douche. Jeff Francis will look confused and Matt Holliday will act smug.


Update [2007-10-24 20:5:32 by Dex]: OH SNAP! The annoyances begin with a f_cking BANG because ERIC BYRNES is in the hizzy!!! Look at him, mailing it in with the false hustle. You GO!!!

Update [2007-10-24 20:9:4 by Dex]: Eric Byrnes is fellating that microphone. Relax, dude. I bet he's scanning the crowd for dudes with faux-hawks. Not cause he's gay necessarily, but to talk about hair product.

Little known fact about Eric Byrnes... He uses two different types of hair product at the same time... IN HIS PUBES.

For the record, it's the Rockies in five.