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Padres Pitching In

Padres Pitching In:  At times like these super star athletes are no different than the rest of us.  Many athletes that live in the wealthy neighborhoods in the North County have been evacuated with the hundreds of thousands of other San Diegans.  Adrian Gonzalez and Kevin Kouzmanoff were good enough to visit Qualcomm Stadium yesterday to talk with evacuees.  Petco Park has also been offered as an evacuation site but at this time it is not needed.  Thanks to Gaslamp Baller sdgaucho for the link.

Volunteer San Diego is saying that they do not need volunteers at this time but you can sign up for their email list in case a need arises.  It makes you proud to be a San Diegan when you hear about all of the volunteers that are helping the evacuees.  

Sign On San Diego as usual is providing great information for San Diegans.