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Rockies' fans put on Rally Caps to get World Series Tickets

I just love how frustrated this guy looks at the computer.  He's so psyched up that he needs to flip his cap inside out to rally himself some tickets.  

The thing that sucks for him is that all the web servers crashed and nobody is getting tickets.  Oh well I guess there won't be a World Series this year.

Irvine, Calif.-based Paciolan Inc., which is running the computers for the Rockies' World Series ticket sales, said the crash affected the company's entire North American system.

Paciolan CEO Dave Butler said he did not yet know whether demand for Rockies tickets caused the crash.

"This is not the Rockies' fault in anyway whatsoever," Butler said. "We are working hard to address it."

Even though I'm not a fan of either team it's pretty cool that it could potentially snow during the World Series and the Red Sox may get frostbite. They better not whine about the cold, at least they aren't stuck in a hellish inferno.