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Revolutionize Baseball by making the field less than perfect

You know what would revolutionize Major League Baseball?  If you had a field that wasn't immaculate, pristine and well kept.  Wouldn't the game be more exciting if balls didn't take true bounces and every grounder wasn't an easy out?  

Think about the fields that you played on growing up.  How often were there dirt clods, pebbles and debris on the base paths?  What about the outfield?  There were patches of dead grass and other areas that were thick and marsh-like.  Plus the outfield usually had gopher holes and the surfaces were completely uneven.  Home plate and the pitching mound were similar.  There was usually a big hole where the player dug in their back foot and it was usually filled with deep sand.  

Did you still have fun playing?  Of course.  Wouldn't it be fun to see Major League players working under the same conditions that you once played?  Of course.

Think of Brian Giles leading off the game and his back foot sinking up to his ankle and his shoe filling with sand or Mike Cameron stepping in a gopher hole and his shoe being left behind.  Then you've got Khalil trying to back hand a ground ball and getting hit in the face on a wicked hop. I can't think of a Padre that can steal a base but imagine other ball players sliding on gravel and hard clay and coming up with skinned knees and hands.  

Imagine how exciting baseball would become if there was no such thing as an easy play.  I suggest that the grounds crew only be able to work on the field once a week and then immediately after they are done they must release an MLB sanctioned group of animals.

I'm thinking goats and sheep to decimate the lawn.  Pigs to roll around in the dirt, gophers to dig holes, snakes to kill the gophers, monkeys to throw feces and a pack of dingos to terrorize the grounds crew.  

Base runners would slide into base and come up with their uniforms covered animal hair and dung.  Balls would smell terrible from bouncing through pig urine and fans would get the excitement that they deserve when they pay to watch a baseball game.