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The Morning After

You know what I think summed it up for me last night? Not necessarily the fact that the close play at home went the other team's way. What got to me was the fact that Bud Black wasn't sprinting out of the dugout to argue the close play at home. It just seems a little indicative of the fact that deep down inside, everybody knew that something else was working against the Padres. Call it a curse. Call it a lack of faith. There was something else working against us and it was palpable and it would not be satisfied until we were eliminated.

I won't take anything away from the Rockies (though I'm pretty sure Matt Holliday is on performance enhancers). Their comeback was incredible. I'm not so quick to blame individual players on the Padres. I think everybody played hard and did what they could. Even Sledge. I feel bad that everybody on the team feels so bad. In his locker room interview, I thought Trevor Hoffman was about to cry as he put all the blame on himself.

It's just that these last couple of months have felt like things have been working for the Rockies and the Diamondbacks and very much against the Padres. The home plate call in the 13th just being the cherry on top of the rest of it. I don't understand why baseball doesn't implement some form of replay. I've never heard a good argument against replay. It seems like plenty of calls can be clarified within 10 seconds of looking at a slow motion replay. But I digress.

I woke up three or four times last night having dozed and dreamt about the Padres. It replayed in my head over and over. Once or twice, I dreamt that the game hadn't started and I was settling in to enjoy it. This morning I woke up feeling down and didn't remember why for a few seconds.

The Padres will improve again next season. This team was better than last year's team and that team was better than the team before. The improvements that we could make are incremental. I'll still take Milton Bradley as my left fielder. I'll take Jake Peavy as my ace. A Cy Young under his belt and another year older will have positive effects on him. He'll learn how to harness his skills even further, which will make him extra scary good. I don't know that I really meant it last night when I said that Trevor should retire. I want him to end on a high note when he decides to call it quits.

Anyways. I'll stop right there. I don't have a whole lot else to say and I'm rambling. I know that the other teams that didn't make it also feel similar losses, so as Padres fans, it's not a unique feeling. Heck. At least we weren't the Mets. And on top of that, we eliminated the Brewers and they eliminated us. Tit for tat. And the Dodgers didn't make it either. Ha. Dodgers.

Plenty of stuff out there about our boys. I'll find some links a little later. It was some kinda season, wasn't it?