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Peek-A-Boo! I see you Playoffs... I see you!

I was planning on not watching anymore baseball until Spring Training, but decided to just take a really small peek last night.  I didn't watch more than 10 minutes but I actually saw both Colorado home runs and pretty much nothing else.  I liked the wintery feel of Colorado when freezing rain is dousing their fans.  Two playoff teams dueling each other and Mother Nature at the same time makes for good TV.

I'm not rooting for either team, but I do think it's funny how the Rockies are destroying the D-Backs.  It really is unbelievable how hot Colorado is with their 20-1 winning streak going.  Still some how, Eric Byrnes swears that the D-Backs are outplaying the Rockies.  Whatever dude, everybody knows the D-Backs are getting smoked.  I'm not even a Byrnes hater like the rest of you, but that comment is stupid.  The Rockies are the Blues Brothers of the MLB and are on a Mission from God.  

It was nice how both home runs were hit over Byrnes head and on the first one he crashed into the wall and fell on his butt.  Maybe he did it on purpose so that he could get a little bit of warning track mud on his butt to have a way to hide the fact that he pooped his pants in a big game.  

I think the ideal way this season could end is with a Rockies / Red Sox World Series where the Rockies sweep the Red Sox.  I'm in favor of anything that humiliates Red Sock Nation, their city and their team.  If the Indians go to the Series then they'll just be whining about how the ALCS is "the real World Series" because the AL is supposedly so much better than the NL.

So far I'm indifferent when it comes Rockies' and Indians' fans, which is a good thing.  It means that they aren't annoying like Boston and the D-Back trolls that come here.