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OK Fine... We'll talk about the NLCS

I didn't watch the game last night, but they're talking on and on about the Justin Upton slide that was ruled interference. I've seen the play a bunch of times and I think it was a great play by Upton, but it was the correct call by the ump. A couple of the camera angles make it look like a really good hard slide, but there's the one angle from behind first base that shows that Upton basically hops out of the slide and changes direction mid-slide.

So Webb takes the loss and, to add insult to injury, the other big thing out of the game last night is that trash got thrown onto the field by unruly Diamondback Fans. Obviously, it was probably a small number of fans, but...

Sucks to be you, D-Back Fan, you guys look terrible right now. First, it takes all kinds of doing to sell out that first NLCS game, and then, once you're in the building, you have guys acting like animals. I mean, really? That ain't good.