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A post about videogames

I have a Nintendo Wii. I wouldn't mind having an XBox 360 except that it's just kinda expensive and I just don't have a whole lot of time to devote to videogames with steep learning curves. I'd rather play games with relatively low learning curves, that are still fun times... like all the flash games on Kongregate. I think it's because I'm old now.

Anyways, there wiily was a baseball wiison for this post. First, MLB Power Pros has arrived and I'm anxious to try it out, only to see what the Power Pros version of the Padres looks like. In my mind, when I remember particular plays from Padres games, I like to imagine the players as cartoon caricatures in my head and a game like MLB Power Pro Baseball can seriously only help that little quirk.

Also, there's a new Mario Baseball game coming. Oh Mario and Luigi! How I love your various mushroom themed antics! If only you were wiil people instead of just pixels on my television... I would stalk you both and make you be my friends and I would grow a mustache not unlike thine own...

It would be fun to design a Gaslamp Ball baseball game with powerups like Elk Semen (why does jbox capitalize that) and Robot Upgrades. To top it off, the only playable players would be Padres. I'd also make it so you could attack the umpires with bats. That's right... I want to have a videogame where you commit acts of violence against umpires. I want to beat the umpires senseless. If he dies... He dies.