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Are the Playoffs still going?

I haven't watched one second of the playoffs yet.  As far as I'm concerned the baseball season ended when the Padres were eliminated.  I'm not rooting for any of these playoff teams, you can't make me.  It's kind of nice because TBS is one of those channels that I don't check very often so I'm just totally disconnected.  This season drained me and I really need to step back from baseball a bit.

I'm pretty sure that the ALCS is between a Red Sock and some Indians.  I hope Boston gets humiliated.  I can't stand that team or it's fans.  How are they so much more annoying than every other Major League team?  Did you see this this?  Ugh.

From what I hear the NLCS is between the Rockies and the D-Backs.  I hope they sweep each other.  Dex was just telling me that Arizona can't sell out Game One of the NLCS.  Only 12,000 tickets left.  They're going to have to bring in the cities' homeless to fill seats.  Maybe they should change the D-Backs' colors again to try and get more fans to care.

Are there any good Playoff Baseball Stories going on right now that I'm missing?