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The Reason Peavy was held for Monday's Game

So now we get a little look behind the curtains.  We get to hear what information baseball's greatest brains took into account when they decided to pitch Tomko over Peavy.

First they gambled that the Rockies would lose which hasn't been a safe bet for the past two weeks.  Second, they gambled that Tomko might actually win, which was about even odds.  However, they weren't willing to gamble thatPeavy, the best pitcher in the NL, could beat the Brewers. Why? Because they got scared when he blew his start against Arizona.  Padres may pay for saving Peavy

"History told us that Jake always is much better pitching with (normal) rest," Padres general manager Kevin Towers told Sunday night as the team waited to board its flight from Milwaukee to Denver.

"He has logged well over 200 innings (217). For us to try and roll the dice knowing the outcome of what happened earlier in the year in Arizona, it wouldn't have been a wise decision."

Sure he sucked in that game vs. Arizona but he's had terrible starts on full rest too and nobody says anything about those.

Peavy started on three days rest in Arizona on Sept. 5, allowing eight runs in four innings. In three career starts on short rest, he's 2-1 with a 5.29 ERA.

Three games is such a small sample size that you really can't base any kind of decision on them.  Plus he won two of those game and if he hadn't have given up 8 runs in Arizona his ERA would be much lower with short rest starts.  So really just one game scared the Padres brass.  

Towers got right to the point.

"We'd have been really screwed if somehow we had gotten beaten with Peavy on the mound with three days rest and not had him in this tiebreaker game," he said

I just don't see how you put a hex on a guy for blowing one game with short rest.  Do you lose all confidence in him because of that one start?

I guess we just add this to the list of reasons why Peavy doesn't pitch well.  Post-season games... check.  Games pitched after playing in the World Baseball Classic... check. Games pitched with broken ribs... check.  Games pitched on short rest... I guess so.